PF 2020

Happy New Year 2020.



Swimming centre Delna Prešov

Atrium Architects win the architectural-urban competition for the transformation of the natural swimming pool Delňa in Prešov.



Preparation for EXPO 2020

This is the site of the next EXPO 2020 DUBAI. We are proud to be part of this huge project.



BIG SEE Architecture PRIZE 2019

The prize for the best residential project goes to Slovakia. We are honored to have received the prize for the best residential project in Central and Southern Europe in the center of European design.



Slovakia Pavilion EXPO DUBAI 2020

Atrium Architects will be proud to implement the Slovak Pavilion at EXPO 2020 in DUBAI. We are delighted by the fact that the selection was preceded by a great international competition.



Urban Intervention High Tatras

Tatras need your ideas. Another of the cycles of the Urban Intervention project is approaching the final.



PF 2019

We wish Good idea to New Year.



How to Make a Good City

Atrium Architects is primarily a productive architectural studio, but basically develops activities that fall into the category of architectural activism. I will particularly mention Town Hits, which started in Bratislava, but you extended it to other Slovak towns. To what extent is it such a form of architectural linking to the public as architects? Since 2008, since we have run the UzemnePlany.sk portal, we have set out the path of some form of activism and every year we are adding new and new products to this activity that are not apparently related, but when we look at it from a distance, we see a clear clue – an effort to bring urbanism, architecture and public space to the general public. In 2011, we started with city interventions in Košice and we have been practically dependent on interacting with the public since then.



Four armchairs

WHEN? The event will be held on November 7, 2018 (Wednesday) from 09.00 to 18.30.



Pecha Kucha Night 2018

We will introduce our architecture at Peach Kucha Night this Saturday at the Wave Cultural Center. Location: Hlavná 121, Prešov Start: at 20:20