Contemporary Housing

Goldpark represents is a design based on energy reconstruction of a complex of residential buildings from the period os socialism, unfinished and derelict, locally know as Chernobyl because of their condition. The creation of a contemporary, low-energy structure fromthe existing skeleton comprised the working out and analysis of all the elements, i.e. appropriate technical and methodological measures for the improvement of living comfort , environmental and technological modernization, according to contemporary standards and living conditions.

Friendly living

a natural environment and sustainable improvement at several levels comprises, in addition to fitting of a thermal insulation membrane, analysis of all the architectonic elements which would provide a modern appearance and new functions for the building. The monochromatic facade is broken apart by the red boxes, which are balconies which open up the flats to the environment. Another improvement is the concept of the roof on the roof, which means construction of another floor and potential development of new housing space. A large underground area is used for the creation of sports facilities and swimming pools for the users of the neighborhood, while the ground level is planned for commercial funtions. Green areas surrounding the buildings create new functions and represent an unavoidable element for the revival of the entire housing complex and creation of ecological, pure environment.