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CEZAAR Award 2024 - nominee

It was with great joy that we accepted the nomination of Zelena Lipa for the CEZAAR Award 2024 in the very strong category Apartment houses. We look forward to the results in the fall.
The award is given annually by the Slovak Chamber of Architects.

For the 23rd time this year, the Slovak Chamber of Architects will award the best of contemporary Slovak architecture with awards for architecture, CE ZA AR. From the 116 submitted architectural projects in the 1st round, the expert jury consisting of: Ján Hoffstädter, Petra Kunarová, Samppa Lappalainen, Matúš Pajor (substitute), Jan Schindler, Lucie Vogelová, Doris Wälchli and Zuzana Zacharová narrowed down the selection to 30 works. which she personally visited during the past week. A hectic week on the road full of visual sensations and intense discussions resulted in the final evaluation and selection of nominated works in individual categories.

From the assessment of the international jury:
Zelená Lipa is a unique example of how to build a good standard of contemporary housing in a region far from the center of investment opportunities.
It rediscovers the original old concrete structure from the end of the 80s of the last century, which makes it a good example of a responsible and ecological construction solution, material and spatial recycling.

Source: CEZAAR 2024 https://cezaar.tv/