Výstava Ó Hory, Ó Hory, Ó Hory

Do you still remember our little wooden memorial in Bodružal? It has been included in the selection of the best that was built in the Czech and Slovak mountains.



We're launching new webpage PocitoveMapy

Politicians do not care about our feelings, but our architects are immensely upbeat. The Pocitove Maps project is the least we can do for you. After Presov, we are gradually building up other cities – not only Bratislava, Kosice, Zilina, Trencin, Trnava, Nitra, Banska Bystrica, Zvolen, but also eg. High Tatras. Your Feelings = www.pocitovemapy.sk Please spend time with your city, share and pray  https://www.facebook.com/pocitovapy/



Discussion meeting in Prešov

First meeting with the public, which we organized with the preparation for the Manual of Public Spaces in Libresso caffe 3.3.2018. An excellent atmosphere, a lot of stimulus, and an impressive workgroup have confirmed us in the belief that participation is of irreplaceable importance if properly set.



Invitation for discussion

We would like to invite you to a discussion on the topic of public spaces in Prešov.



Autonomous urban planning

We have received an extraordinary research project. Autonomous land-use planning is a topic that has not yet been heard. We believe that in a few years it will become a standard.



PF 2018

What to add at the end of the year? Together we reached the top, so we will enjoy it :)



Dušan Jurkovic Prize 2017

And the winner is Atrium Architekti. Thank you for appreciating our work „Mlyn Humenné“: [ http://www.atriumstudio.sk/…mlyn-humenne ]. For us, this is the second award with this prestigious prize, which obliges us not to dump, just the opposite, to grow our potential even further. We won the first prize in 2004 for the Art School Smižany.



New ARCH issue with our Mill

Mills – buildings and machines at the same time – belonged to the most widespread in our country Traditional means of production. At their inception, Technical and design features, building and spatial solutions Geographic conditions have affected. The mills represented not only Economic and technical benefits, but they also had a huge civilization And cultural significance. In the past, their image was a reflection The level of technology and technology of the time. And most of all … they were dangling People hungry with bread everyday.



Interview for Dennik N

A few words for lifestyle magazine about how to live.



Infocentrum for Botanic Garden

New entrance spaces